Core Services We Offer

Management Consulting

Get predictable, steady streams of revenue & increase your profits on a consistent basis. Take your organization from where it’s at to where you dreamed it’d be.


Training & Development

Build your organization the right way and focus on long term success by investing in your talent pool. Doing this guarantees more profit and less turnover.

Coaching & Education

Learn how to optimize the performance in yourself and your team. Discover how to get things accomplished and achive your goals quickly.

Focusing on the Areas That Help You

Since Abraham Maslow released his “Theory of Human Motivation” in 1943, businesses have been studying it to try and understand what makes people tick. With the same idea in mind, we’ve expanded upon Maslow’s Theory and added a dimesnsion to reflect the “organization” as a person. What we discoverd is that orgnzations tend to follow the same pattern of requirements. Which is why we’ve focused our effort on those areas critical to your organization’s success.

Time is of the Essence

There’s never a ‘wrong time’ to do the right thing. And there’s never a ‘right time’ to do the wrong thing.

Certified & Accredited

We know that your business is special to you. And you don’t want to leave it’s improvement to just anyone. We put these here to demonstrate our committment to being the best service provider. Period. No matter what. With CenterPoint SBS, you can rest easy knowing that  we make sure that we do the heavy lifting for you.

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