The Consulting Process

We Make The Process Transparent & Easy To Understand. ‚ÄčEvery engagement is as unique as the businesses we help.Our solutions are different because your business is different.But the approach is always the same: professional.

The Entery Phase

The is where we:

  • get a deep understanding of the problem
  • form clear expectations of the desired outcome(s)
  • explore all of the stakeholder concerns
  • provide necessary support to the client in order to get started

The Discovery Phase

We work with you to find the true underlying problem by:

  • treating each interaction as a learning event
  • asking probing questions to identify root causes
  • seeking language that give clarity without judgement

The Meeting Phase

We’ll present a report with:

  • analysis of findings
  • recommendations for a decision to act
  • implementation strategies

The Engagement Phase

This is the main event where we shine as:

  • the objective observer, fact finder, & counselor
  • the joint problem solver, trainer/educator, & advocate
  • the subject matter expert

The Closing Phase

This is where we:

  • review the original problem to be solved
  • assess the success of the implementation
  • measure outcomes