Why We Are Here

"Nobody buys what you do. They buy why you do it."

-Simon Sinek

It sounds cliche, but we believe that small businesses really are the heart of the economy. And when you started your business, you – like thousands of others – wanted to create something of lasting value for you, your family, and society. 

Without small business, it would be nothing but big box stores, low-paying jobs, and machines that eventually become self-aware and start a war. (Ok, maybe not that last part…)

It began with us helping our friends who started a businesses. And they grew.
Then we helped some big companies grow their revenue in the tens of millions. Crazy, right?

And finally, our founder had an epiphany. (His words. Not ours.)
Small businesses account for more than 80% of the jobs in our country, so why not help the ones that need it most.

Enough is enough.
Forget paying a stiff premium for a bunch of empty suits whose only credential is having an MBA.

It’s time for small businesses to win big!

So we started something that is disrupting the consulting industry and changing how engagements are done.

‚ÄčAnd truthfully, we love it!